Letter to the Editor

Money part of elections

Santa MariaApril 14, 2014 

It is almost comical to read the letter writers with concerns about money in elections and money buying votes. Where have these writers been for the past 50 or more years? Do they recognize the millions of dollars that unions have contributed to candidates, and that much of the union money goes to candidates the union members may or may not support? Thus, some of the union money has been “misspent” in the eyes of some union members.

Why is there such concern about corporations spending on campaigns, but no similar concern about unions, and political action committees for both liberal and conservative goals? Why all the news about spending by the Koch brothers but complete silence about the same tactics by George Soros?

Wake up people! Money has always played a big part in elections, and in a free country, hopefully it always will. If campaigns are “funded” by government money, the incumbents will certainly stay in office, and there will be unlimited spending — of our money — on those political campaigns.

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