Letter to the Editor

Phantom water

Pismo BeachApril 14, 2014 

At the March 18 Pismo Beach City Council meeting, agenda item 8B concerned water currently available to Pismo Beach and revealed that the state will not deliver 1,240 acre-feet for 2014. But the surprise news was that excess, unused state water supposedly stored in San Luis Reservoir really isn’t there and therefore is not available to the city.

The council seemed stunned. No action — such as strengthening the moderate water restrictions adopted earlier this year — was discussed. The council’s comments displayed a lack of understanding and naiveté about the situation and facts. The one exception was concern over utilizing this now-disproved information when reviewing development proposals.

In November 2013, the council sold 1,122 acrefeet surplus stored state water to San Luis Obispo County, leaving a oneyear supply. Yet there were no discussions about whether this “sold” water was available to the “purchaser” or whether the city would have to refund the purchase price and possibly take back rebates given to city water users on their last bill.

Wake up!

Thank goodness Spanish Springs and Los Robles Del Mar weren’t approved, as the way things look now Pismo Beach might not have enough water for current users!

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