Santa Lucia students raise money for 'Walk for Water' fundraiser

April 11, 2014 


Santa Lucia Middle School raised money for the Walk for Water fundraiser where people walk to bring safe water to people in Uganda. School Principal Kyle Martin participated in the walk that took place on March 22 in San Luis Obispo and students brought in spare change to support the effort. The school raised over $600, giving multiple people in Africa water for a lifetime. Many children die each day because there isn't clean water. Every $40 raised gives one person clean water for their entire life. Students learned that this year over 40 billion hours would be spent by people in Africa walking to gather water that could be spent learning. People in Africa have to walk two or more miles to get water that wasn't even clean. Cambria is in a drought, but things are worse in Africa. Surrounding donation jars, above from left, are Tori Ehlers, Raely Barbosa, Brandon Loredo and Zoe Markham.

— Tori Ehlers, Santa Lucia Middle School seventh-grader

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