Celebration of sea sanctuaries set Saturday

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San Simeon Bay, also known as San Simeon Cove, is seen here in 2008. It's part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sancutary and the Coastal Discovery Center is in the day use area at the cove.

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Two dramatic oceanic films are to be the centerpiece for a Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary event at 6 p.m. Saturday, April 12, at the Hearst Castle Theater.

While the celebration honors the success of the nation’s sanctuaries, also being lauded that night are the heroes that helped turn into reality the dream of a Monterey Bay sanctuary. That preserve, the second largest in the country, protects offshore waters from Marin County to Cambria. 

Paul Michel, superintendent of the Monterey Bay sanctuary, will introduce the event and honorees. Rep. Lois Capps is expected to attend. 

Tickets are $10 online at http://nationalmarinesanctuaries.bpt.me or $15 at the door. Proceeds sponsor educational programs at the center, which is a collaboration between the sanctuary and State Parks. 

The films are the award-winning “Ocean Frontiers: A New Era in Ocean Stewardship,” by Greenfire Productions, and a short film, “One Breath,” written, directed and photographed by Bob Talbot for the sanctuary. The latter illustrates the history, wildlife, present and future of Monterey Bay.

According to http://ocean-frontiers.org/, “Ocean Frontiers” highlights the unlikely allies that came together to protect a small fishing community in the Pacific Northwest, busy shipping lanes in Boston Harbor, the coral reefs of the Florida Keys and a premier seafood nursery in the Mississippi Delta.

Among the strange bedfellows who embarked on the new course of cooperation to sustain the sea and the nation’s ocean economies were industrial shippers and whale biologists, pig farmers and wetland ecologists, sport fishers and reef snorkelers, and many more. 

To address concerns about such oceanic habitats, people around the world have begun using new approaches to managing the sea. According to sanctuary officials, among the ocean preservationists are entrepreneurs, farmers, fishermen, government officials and citizens who care for the sea.


Former Cambrian columnist offers book, CD

Chet Forrest will sign his new book, “Emotion for the Ocean: The Beauty of it All” at the marine sanctuary event Saturday. The book and a companion music CD, “Moods of the Ocean,” will be available for purchase. On Amazon.com, the 130-page book is $21.80 in the 8.5-by-11-inch soft-cover edition and $9.95 for a Kindle. The CD is $10.95; MP3 downloads are $7.99.

The book includes Forrest’s columns previously published in The Cambrian, plus chapters on topics ranging from “Do fish sleep?” and “The fish with human teeth” to “The great Pacific garbage patch,” “April’s fools: Seahorses,” “Raincoats” and a variety of ocean-going species.  

The former Cambria resident currently splits his time between Paso Robles and Palm Desert.





The southern end of the sanctuary will again host a series of lectures in May. Talks start at 6:30 p.m. at Rabobank, 1070 Main St., including: 

• May 2, “Sanctuary sentinels: counting seastars and measuring the radioactivity of kelp to assess the health of the nearshore ecosystem”; 

• May 9, “From jellies to sea turtles: A big picture look at the biotoxin domoic acid in the marine food webs of Central California”; 

• May 16, “Condors and coast: A natural connection”; 

• May 30, “What’s taking a bite out of the Southern sea otter recovery?”

There’s no admission charge, but donations will be accepted.



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