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Cambrian Letters to the Editor April 10

cambrian@thetribunenews.comApril 10, 2014 

The pool in the county-operated Shamel Park in Cambria is only open during the summer and may not open at all this year due to drought conditions. Above, kids crowd the pool in 2004.

MERLE BASSETT — Special to The Cambrian

Save the pool

My name is Ethan. I am 8 years old and I am in Mrs. Melendy’s third-grade class at Cambria Grammar School. 

I have done my part to help conserve water just like my family has. I love being able to call Cambria my home. I am in Scouts and Little League but they aren’t available in summer. 

So, my summer is spent in the pool at Shamel Park. If you drain the pool, what are kids supposed to do in the summer? The pool is chlorinated water, it can’t be reused. Please don't take my summer away. 


Ethan McDowell


Aqua vu

Call it déjà vu all over again.

I have followed the water issue through reading The Cambrian since 1983. I saw a pattern emerge over time.

A CCSD board would put together a rational plan to provide the community with a reliable, sustainable water source only to be attacked by growth opponents. When it looked like the board might succeed, a small, but vocal group would arise and kill the plan. It's happening again by Cambrians for Change.

The majority in the community spoke by voting for desalination. We cannot let this vocal and aggressive minority again deny us our best chance to avoid a constant water crisis. Desalination will not make this community crumble, as Tina Dickason suggests, but running out of water will.

Building a reservoir on Clyde Warren's or another rancher's property may be possible, but has been rejected in the past as too costly and environmentally unfeasible. It is a delay tactic used in the past to deny us a water source.

We cannot let it happen this time. We, the silent majority, must speak up and support the board in giving us the water source we desperately need. This is not an either/or decision. Installing desalination will give us the breathing room to explore all other options.

Art Chapman


‘Think ahead’

The Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors must excuse themselves from voting on all items pertaining to vacation rentals if they own or operate said properties.

Under zoning laws, changing a residential use to a commercial use in a residential neighborhood so some neighbors pay one price for water and sewer and the next door neighbor pays another price will put you in courts for years.

Think ahead: You have larger problems on the horizon, including the Amgen race, Pinedorado and Scarecrow month.

Art Edis


Come join the club

It’s spring again, and that means getting outside and having some fun with friends!

No better way to get those endorphins going than a game of tennis (or pickle ball). The Cambria Tennis Club is responsible for maintaining the high school tennis courts in exchange for the use of the courts by the public.

We would very much like to start resurfacing the courts. Due to the cost, we plan to do one court a year. Please consider joining the club!

Everyone is welcome and we are hoping to have our numbers grow exponentially so the club will be a true “community club” and a gathering place for dis young and old. It’s $30 a year.

I you need a lesson, we can help to make that happen. If you have any questions, please call me (Gail) at 909-0385.

We really hope many of you will join us so we can all make new friends and have some fun!

Gail McBride and Lois Garney


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