Letter to the Editor

Don’t be conned

AtascaderoApril 10, 2014 

It has become obvious to me that American society now runs to benefit the rich. What can we average people do to take America back? We still have the political process if we use it wisely. Currently, it is being dominated by the wealthy for their interests, and through advertising, they are able to deceive people into voting against their own best interests. Just consider that in the 1960s, advertising had 60 percent of Americans smoking cigarettes.

My suggestion is to turn advertising upside down. When you see an ad for a political candidate or a referendum, don’t even consider it, for it is not there to inform you, but to con you. Look at the ad and say, “Someone with money paid for this to try and con me.” Count it as one strike against the person or cause it is advocating , and remember that in the voting booth.

To get information instead of propaganda, listen to the candidates’ speeches, debates and interviews. Read the analysis of the League of Women Voters and the election booklet explaining the issues and giving the pros and cons. In this way, we can get money out of the campaigns and return America to the people.

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