Letter to the Editor

Wage inequality

San Luis ObispoApril 9, 2014 

Wouldn’t another $500,000 come in handy to a woman when she retires? That’s the difference in a man’s salary over a woman’s during their work lifetime, doing the same job. Here it is 2014, and women’s wages still are not on par with their male counterparts’. That is, for that same job, women earn only 77 cents, whereas men are paid the whole dollar, according to data from 2012. This ratio has not changed in more than 10 years, according to the United States Census Bureau. The national figures show that men on average earn $49,398; women are held to $37,791.

On April 1, the Senate resumed hearings on the Paycheck Fairness Act (renamed S2199). Our legislators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, were co-sponsors of the original bill proposed last year, but none of the 10 Republicans on the committee were. We have a job right now to encourage the Republican legislators to acknowledge this inequity and see that the bills come to the floor for a vote.

Let’s put pressure on the naysayers by our calls. Women deserve equal pay for equal work.

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