Letter to the Editor

People or profits?

Paso RoblesApril 8, 2014 

A file photo of a mechanical harvester grabbing ripe petite syrah grapes off the vine at a J. Lohr vineyard in Paso Robles.


The residents of Heritage Ranch are told by their water service district to conserve, conserve, conserve as their only source of water, Lake Nacimiento could be in jeopardy this summer because it is so low.

Yet we read in The Tribune that the San Luis Obispo Flood Control and Water Conservation District is considering a request from a local winery to sell them Lake Nacimiento water at the rate of 250 acre feet per year for five years so they can “experiment” on ways to keep their grapes irrigated.

Do the math and see how many gallons of water will be lost to the people who are dependent on the lake’s water and which will instead be used to keep grapes from becoming thirsty. Because we are certainly not short on wineries, ask yourself which should be more important to the supervisors and directors of San Luis Obispo County: people or profits?

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