Letter to the Editor

Special memories

Paso RoblesApril 8, 2014 

It was 1964, and I was working at McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach. An excursion offered by the company was a bus trip to see the Ramona Outdoor Play in Hemet.

My mother had talked about that play from the time I was a young girl, so I surprised her with the day trip. We met the bus early in the morning with our sunscreen, straw hats and a sack lunch. We arrived in Hemet at the outside amphitheater, especially for the Ramona play, and picked a seat. The look on my mother’s face that she was going to see this romantic re enactment of our California history was classic.

During intermission, we watched schoolchildren, costumed as Native Americans, climb up the hillside and crouch behind bushes and cactus. In the third act, they appeared all at once and played their parts — amazing! The play itself was a delight. On the way home, the bus stopped at a “Sir George” buffet restaurant for dinner. She talked about that play for the rest of her life.

Dan Krieger’s column on March 23 brought back so many memories of this special day and beautiful play. Thank you.

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