Letter to the Editor

Funding pottery

Los OsosApril 8, 2014 

I always wonder why some people think that they can speak for all of us, as Mr. John Koepf seeks to, when he decries taxes to support Cuesta College pottery classes saying, “Here’s a tip: Taxpayers don’t really want to pay for unusual cups and vases.”

Here is a tip for Mr. Koepf: This particular taxpayer has no problem seeing her taxes go toward funding an ancient art form such as pottery, which is not only useful but can result in some very beautiful and even valuable works of art. Just as art and music are other subjects that often give immense pleasure for the learner, as well as others, they can result in wonderful and lucrative careers for those who are allowed to develop their talents.

Thank goodness we aren’t all destined to be computer programmers.

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