Letter to the Editor

Schools, not fences

AtascaderoApril 7, 2014 

Wind fencing has been installed at the Oceano Dunes to slow winds and control dust.

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I find it appalling that the state would waste money on wind fences and hay bales on the Oceano Dunes instead of funding schools and other things that are more important. I think that the state should fund schools so they could spend money on textbooks and education and not have to remove class choices or teachers and sports because of budget cuts.

If people are going to complain about having the sand or wind blowing toward their houses, then they should not be living by the beach. Farmers planted eucalyptus trees to block the wind from blowing their topsoil away; the wind and sand have been blowing for years. If you don’t want to live in the sand dunes, then don’t build houses there.

Maybe we should have a study on the effect hay bales and fencing have on the precious snowy plovers and other wildlife. That has been the focus in the past for closing the beach, as another attempt to stop off-road cars from going on the beach.

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