The science is clear

San Luis ObispoApril 7, 2014 

The report released March 31 by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that “ice caps are melting, sea ice in the Arctic is collapsing, water supplies are coming under stress, heat waves and heavy rains are intensifying, coral reefs are dying, and fish and many other creatures are migrating toward the poles or in some cases going extinct” primarily because we are burning excessive fossil fuels. Few issues face us today that are more challenging or crucial. So, why was this IPCC report not on the front page of The Tribune?

The science is clear. We must begin to decrease our CO2 emissions if we are to avoid catastrophic warming. Even if we stopped all carbon emissions today, the problem would not just go away. The excess CO2 already present in the atmosphere will remain for decades and continue to cause further global warming with its accompanying devastation.

Our failure to act decisively and immediately to reduce CO2 emissions severely impacts the future lives of our children and grandchildren.

If we explain our failure to act with, “Sorry, kids, I refused to believe the science,” what will they say? We need a revenue-neutral carbon tax passed now!

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