Letter to the Editor

Nature at work

Morro BayApril 7, 2014 

Atmospheric warming, with its associated climate change, is not a problem. It is nature’s way of solving a problem that humans will not. Regarding The Tribune Perspective on April 2:

The writer first ridiculed the “deniers,” then blamed Republicans for obstructing a presidential proposal, and ended with a cutesy plea to take our heads out of coal and face reality. Amid that silliness, the perspective referenced 12,000 reports along with a statistic that 83 percent of Americans want something done about climate change, even with economic consequences. Therein are the real problems.

If there were no economic consequences, humans would have solved the problem long ago. With fewer than 17 percent of Americans in opposition, why can the president not lead us away from that problem? A journalistic perspective on that issue would be more constructive than the 12,000 reports on polar bears and melting ice. That is just nature’s way.

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