Letter to the Editor

Bad fit for Los Osos

Los OsosApril 7, 2014 

A McDonald’s drive-through restaurant is not appropriate for Los Osos.

The Estero Area Plan Update (now the Los Osos Community Plan), written over many years, reflected a different picture of the Los Osos Business Center, a quiet, peaceful walking area. It was put on hold. Meanwhile, can a fast-food drive-through restaurant come to Los Osos and change us forever?


• Noise and exhaust of running cars.

• Los Osos is a slow, laidback community; McDonald’s will help transform it into just another fast place.

• Increased litter in Los Osos and Montaña de Oro. I have seen the results of fastfood packaging when I was involved with highway cleanup.

• Adding any new water use before we find out the outcome of the changes in our aquifer doesn’t seem smart. (Saltwater intrusion in our drinking water aquifer; we dewatered millions of gallons to install sewer pipes and pump stations; treated septic-tank water will be in only a few locations; the drought.)

• Extra signage and lights will be needed for a drivethrough.

• Parking behind Rite-Aid and Vons (near the truck store loading zone).

This item will be heard at the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday.

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