Letter to the Editor

Appreciation for Irons

Morro BayApril 7, 2014 

Morro Bay is fortunate. Our neighbors have rich capacity and potential. Jamie Irons, our mayor, is a special example both as a great neighbor and a citizen willing to serve with the best ideals, intent and talents for inclusive community.

His less than two years show what often is lacking in leadership. He’s not for the stagnant status quo, serving individual and special interests and personal egos. He just works hard, using a bright, forward-looking mind, and brings civility and humanity back to some who have forgotten what that is. His commitment to doing just plain good is admirable.

There is a practical side to this too. Money is saved when we look honestly at the best ways to address foundational needs. Example: the fatally flawed proposals of previous councils using disreputable consultants to put a water treatment plant where it had no chance of being completed was, at best, silly.

To continue pushing a potential community disaster wasted time, money and good will. Irons’ commitment to a thoughtful new city general plan update is welcome. Such an update can only be entrusted to a leader who sees that our borders include all the citizenry. Sure glad he’s in the hood.

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