Letter to the Editor

Saving the planet

Arroyo GrandeApril 7, 2014 

I recently attended the film “Pandora’s Promise” at Cal Poly.

I wasn’t initially certain what to expect from a film about energy use, power development and a growing human horde.

At the conclusion of this well-documented, fully informative film, I felt my concerns regarding generation of nuclear power were well addressed.

I’ve always found myself concerned about near depletion of so many of Earth’s natural resources, i.e., oil, natural gas and water.

I remember when my son was 8, he had just returned home from school when he burst into tears and said, “I’m really, really scared that by the time I’m old enough to drive a car, there won’t be any gas left!”

I assured him that he would indeed be able to fuel a car with gasoline and drive when he came of age.

He’s now 49 and, yep, he drives, just like most of the rest of us.

Yet someday, there won’t be a continued abundance of oil to fuel cars, trucks, ships, general machinery and industrial power if we continue along the same path of consumption as today.

I truly believe combined development of wind, solar, tidal, thermal and so many other methods, along with significant nuclear energy development, will save our planet, not destroy it!

Remember, we now have in excess of 7 billion souls inhabiting this world, and we’re most likely to grow to 10 billion or more quite soon.

Then what?

Game over?

Let’s wake up!

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