Nuclear safety

San Luis ObispoApril 7, 2014 

David Lochbaum, nuclear power safety expert at the Union of Concerned Scientists, recently paid a visit to a standing-room-only crowd in San Luis Obispo.

His topic: “Three Years after Fukushima — the Future of Diablo Canyon.” He chillingly referred to ongoing and chronic fire safety violations at Diablo Canyon, which, if a strong earthquake struck the plant, could cause a fire, releasing enormous amounts of radiation into the atmosphere.

He also noted some of the critical safety backup systems could fail in an earthquake near the facility. He did not address the impossibility of evacuation if an earthquake caused bridge damage on Highway 101 or Highway 1, making our only evacuation routes impassable.

SLO Mothers for Peace thanks the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility for sponsoring this important event. SLO County residents are waking up to the dragon in the room — the aging, brittle, Band-Aided nuclear facility storing over 2,000 tons of highly radioactive waste 11 miles from idyllic downtown SLO. It’s time to shut it down, and move the waste into safer dry cask storage.

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