Letter to the Editor

Downtown McDonald’s

Los OsosApril 4, 2014 

I add my concern to those already expressed about a downtown Los Osos featuring the McDonald’s arches. Traffic congestion will be a real problem and the effect on our local restaurants will be harmful. But my main worry is what the presence of abig chain restaurant in the heart of town does to the ambiance of our wonderful — and a little bit funky — town.

I like to think of this place (home for the past 24 years) as a West Coast Lake Woebegone -— you know, where the women are all good-looking and the kids are all above-average. I want people to think of Los Osos as the little town where you can find good home cooking, a friendly welcome and a laid-back, tranquil lifestyle.

And this is why a McDonald’s smack in the middle of town holds no appeal for me. If and when I ever crave a Big Mac, I can drive five minutes to Morro Bay and munch on one.

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