Letter to the Editor

Good Whole Foods

Pismo BeachApril 3, 2014 

To those who are going to hate Whole Foods, I suggest you ask a Whole Foods employee how they are treated.

I had a friend who worked for Whole Foods in Colorado, and he loved his job there. They paid him well above minimum wage, gave him good benefits and offered all starting employees at least 20 percent off products. Not only that, but his store would feed the employees once a week, and once a month the managers would select an employee of the month and wash that person’s car.

Also, Whole Foods sells local products and offers its name-brand products you can’t get anywhere else. Another good thing Whole Foods is doing is offering jobs to all current New Frontiers staff.

This does not sound like a bad company to me, and they probably paid a more than fair price for the New Frontiers stores. Not only that, but I can’t believe that out of all the college towns in California to complain about a Whole Foods coming, it’s SLO.

Let’s not send a bad message to businesses that do good.

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