Letter to the Editor

Bowling in Atascadero

AtascaderoApril 2, 2014 

Being raised in a big city, I never understood the true meaning of the phrase “there is nothing to do” until I moved to Atascadero. Although Atascadero may be a small city, it is a growing city. Every population increase is an opportunity for a new business. I feel as if it is the City Council’s duty to grow with the demands and needs of its constituents. Therefore, I propose for a new source of entertainment to be added to the city, preferably a bowling alley.

Not only would this addition attract people of all ages, but it would also bring in customers from neighboring cities that would promote even more local businesses in the process. The bowling alley would also encourage physical activity for both the elderly and younger people that just going to the movie theaters could not do. It also would cause more jobs to be available in the community and might keep the children and teenagers safely off the streets, as well as serving as a community hot spot. The time for change is now, so let’s shoot for a strike!

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