Letter to the Editor

Nonpartisan office

Arroyo GrandeMarch 31, 2014 

The office of county supervisor is, by definition, nonpartisan. It saddens me, therefore, to see both major political parties, my own included, pushing their agendas with overt support for two of the candidates of the 4th District. The one and only candidate who is dedicated to keeping partisanship out of the office, his own party included, is Mike Byrd.

Before endorsing him, I took it upon myself to grill Mike mercilessly to discover any hidden agendas or skeletons in the closet. While we will not always agree on our views, he passed muster, and I learned how thoughtful, intelligent and thoroughly researched his positions are. His primary goal is to work with, not against, current supervisors to break down the current politically affiliated walls that serve to stymie cooperation. He has a great deal of mediation experience.

I grew up in this county, and I want so much for us all to work together to keep it healthy and beautiful. The present partisan divisions in the county supervisors’ office is unhealthy and far from beautiful. I hope you will consider Mike Byrd as a positive force toward working together for our common good.

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