Letter to the Editor

Los Osos lot is crowded

Los OsosMarch 31, 2014 

Joyce Albright is correct: The Morro Bay Taco Bell does have a busy drive-through. I have seen it from Highway 1. It has its very own parking lot. When cars are backed up around the entire building, through the parking lot and spilling out into the side street, it doesn’t have too much impact on the surrounding area.

But let’s imagine overlaying that scenario on the shared Los Osos lot that already fills up at busy times. Subtract six to seven existing spaces. Cars and trucks will be coming and going through the same narrow corridor.

If they spill out past the entrance in front of the building, they may back up into one of two primary entrances from Los Osos Valley Road. Now imagine that an F-150 is trying to turn left onto LOVR while two cars are turning in, one from the east, one from the west. And other cars are trying to exit from the twoway lane coming from Rite Aid. And somebody is backing out holding up the drive-through cars. And cars are circling trying to find spots for Miners and the gym.

I’m just saying.

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