Letter to the Editor

Support Mike Byrd

NipomoMarch 31, 2014 

Having worked with Mike Byrd on several committees and boards, I found him to have excellent mediation skills, and as well he is someone committed to working toward reaching solutions. Mike and I have not always found ourselves on the same side of the argument, however I have come to greatly admire and respect his diligence and persistence toward solution-based results — a rare quality and one that would benefit our current Board of Supervisors.

While there are candidates who stand on their political party agenda, Mike Byrd stands alone as natural leaders do. In choosing to clearly identify the issues impacting the community, he is devoted to serving while keeping a focus on solutions. His background in mediation and his primary intent to build cooperation in the ranks of the current supervisors toward solution-based results can only aid this county.

Those of us blessed to be living here have so much to be grateful for.

Let’s keep it a wonderful place to live with good leadership that will put the needs of the communities first. Mike Byrd is the person for the job. Please support him in June.

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