Letter to the Editor

Lake is an asset

AtascaderoMarch 31, 2014 

I am glad that in his March 25 column, Lon Allan addressed the unfortunate fact that Atascadero Lake is being neglected.

It would be great if his good-natured ribbing got the attention of the city’s citizens and they began to ask their leaders to do something about it.

Atascaderans should recognize what an asset our lake has been and could be again if we worked to assure a clean water supply. For too long we have been complacent, mumbling that it’s just a seasonal tradition, that the lake gets shallow, green and fragrant every summer or two, and nearly empty after three bad rain years. We need to change our attitude. We deserve a beautiful lake again.

After a long recession, Atascadero has no money lying around for non-essential projects, but our city’s image and its effect on our economy are just as vital to our well-being as improving the downtown, or building transportation infrastructure to bring large discount stores.

Let’s realize that we deserve a nice lake like Laguna Lake.

Let’s all work together to assure a clean, consistent supply of water to Atascadero Lake. Our council wants this. We just need to let them know it’s important to us.

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