Youth Art Month art show at Cambria Center for the Arts

cambrian@thetribunenews.comMarch 28, 2014 

Winners of the Youth Art Month art show at the Cambria Center for the Arts were announced on Friday, March 21.

The weeklong run of the show concluded March 23, but all first-place winners go on display at the Village Bean, 2320 Main St., starting Thursday, March 27.

Youth Art Month honorees


First: Kaeli Beauchene
Second: Dillon Riley
Third: Kate Gutierrez
Honorable Mention: Kaeli Ribeira

First Grade

First: Charlie Lymann
Second: Liam Little
Honorable Mention: Gabriela Espinoza, Evin Stieler, Lucas Vertress, Daniela Mercado, Sienna Chase

Second Grade

First: Brandon Diaz
Second: Camaryn Ward
Third: Jack May
Honorable Mention: Tristen Lehrmann

Third Grade

First: Kaya Calvin
Second: Sierra Buhl
Third: Ashly Rodriguez
Honorable Mention: Autumn Beveridge

Fourth Grade

First: Henry Wright
Second: Andy Garcia
Third: Tony Ramirez
Honorable Mention: Sean Riley, Emiliano Pena, Robert Saunders, Eithne Walter, Angel Villegas, Erik Chavez, Fernando Sepulveda

Fifth Grade

Two-Dimensional Work
First: Cindy Chavez
Second: Cesar Chavez
Third: Joselin Esparza
Honorable Mention: Ruby Villars

Three-Dimensional Work
First: Will Burton-Linn
Second: Crecencio Antunez
Third: Mason Breen

Sixth Grade

First: Sujey Gutierrez
Second: Ricky Ayala
Third: Julie Vasquez
Honorable Mention: Jackson Bruce

Seventh Grade

First: Vanessa Ramirez
Second: Heaven Robbins

Eighth Grade

First: Octavia Dolan

Middle School Photography and Digital Art

First: Zoe Markham
Second: Carlos Plummer
Third: Zachary Dolan

High School Photography and Digital Art

First: Darren C.
Second: Adam Engesser
Third: Doran Wenssloff
Honorable Mention: Patty Bucio, Hunter Graham

High School Three-Dimensional Work

First: Marisol Lopez
Second: Adrian Gonzalez
Third: Corrina Hogaboom
Honorable Mention: Olivia Zamora

Ninth Grade

First: Giulianna Stoothoff
Second: Annika Marthaler
Third: Kyley Mettier
Honorable Mention: Rebecca Odza

10th Grade

First: Ricky Abitia
Second: Madison May
Third: Emily White
Honorable Mention: Manny De Jesus

11th Grade

First: Tiffany Stephens
Second: Chase Tatham
Third: Remy Corbet

12th Grade

First: Devin Streeter
Second: Marisol Palominos
Third: Logan Brandt
Honorable Mention: Oscar Catalan

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