Letter to the Editor

Not a good fit

Los OsosMarch 28, 2014 

This past warm and sunny Saturday, hundreds of patrons came and went through the Los Osos Vons shopping center: weekend shoppers headed to the garden sale, whole baseball teams grabbing a Thrifty ice cream and Vons customers picking up barbecue supplies filled the parking lot.

Looking around the busy center it became clear that a McDonald’s drive-through restaurant in the old bank building — adding 500 trips a day — is simply not a good fit. With parking at a premium, and driveways congested, it’s no wonder the Air Pollution Control District has concerns with the project.

Its December letter addressing the project states: “Drive-through facilities attract more vehicle trips and reduce the pedestrian-oriented character of a community. This type of development is inconsistent with the Land Use Planning strategies included in the Clean Air Plan, which promote programs to reduce dependence on the automobile and enhance the viability of transit, ridesharing, bicycling and walking. The CAP recommends the design and construction of projects in a manner that supports alternative travel modes and decreases reliance of single occupant motor vehicles; therefore, the APCD does not support this type of development.”

Neither do I.

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