Letter to the Editor

Unequal under law

OceanoMarch 28, 2014 

I live in Oceano and support the lawsuit that Mesa Community Alliance has filed against State Parks and San Luis Obispo County for not protecting residents from particulate matter.

Particulate matter is not just sand: It is silica and produces terrible damage. Once it goes in our lungs, it never leaves them. Our county completed two studies and found that PM10 particles come from Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

I would file suit against the California Coastal Commission, too. The Coastal Commission recently ordered some Avila Beach property owners to remove fences obstructing public access to a parking lot near a popular beach and it requires permits for beach volleyball tournaments, but it is allowing State Parks to pollute the very air we breathe.

Our county and Coastal Commission would never allow a private enterprise, a common citizen, a business or a landowner to get away with as much destruction and nuisance as Ocean Dunes is causing. However, they have no true grit when it comes to State Parks. The devastating implication of this is that we are not really all equal under the law. Then what else is there?

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