The Tribune All-County Girls Basketball Teams

sports@thetribunenews.comMarch 28, 2014 


Mari Stewart, Templeton, Senior

Ashlyn Herlihy, Arroyo Grande, Sophomore; Jessica Judge, San Luis Obispo, Senior; Autumn Russell, Templeton, Senior; Sierra Schwellenbach, Morro Bay, Senior; Marissa Torres, Templeton, Senior

Sabrina Degnan, Atascadero, Junior; Olivia Galindo, Arroyo Grande, Junior; Maddie Leong, Atascadero, Junior; Nikki Machado, Morro Bay, Senior; Kara Schmidt, Morro Bay, Senior; I’raya Smith, Mission Prep, Sophomore

Stephanie Brenner, San Luis Obispo, Sophomore; Roni Garrison, Coastal Christian, Junior; Melody Ayers, Atascadero, Senior; Noelle Laird, Mission Prep, Sophomore; Olivia MacDonald, Morro Bay, Junior; Taylor Nevitt, Nipomo, Senior


Starting in 2004, the Jay Cowitz Award given annually to The Tribune’s County Player of the Year
2014    Mari Stewart    Templeton        Senior
2013    Hannah Gilbert    Morro Bay        Senior
2012    Jenna Dunbar    Mission Prep    Senior
2011    Megan Hansen    Morro Bay        Senior
2010    Raven Taylor    Atascadero    Senior
2009    Kelsey Wagner    Arroyo Grande    Senior
2008    Leigh Yetter    Mission Prep    Senior
2007    Hannah Donaghe    Atascadero    Senior
2006     Kelly Blair         Morro Bay         Senior
2005    Kelly Blair        Morro Bay        Junior   
2004    Katherine Suderman    Mission Prep    Senior
2003    Katherine Suderman    Mission Prep    Junior
2002    Katherine Suderman    Mission Prep          Sophomore
2001    Karena Bonds    Morro Bay        Senior
2000    Leeane Jensen    Morro Bay        Senior
1999    Paige Billingsley    Mission Prep    Senior
1998    Stephanie Brown    Arroyo Grande    Senior
1997    Shawna Robinson    Atascadero    Senior
1996    Anna-Lisa Epperson    Mission Prep    Senior
1995    Anna-Lisa Epperson    Mission Prep    Junior
1994    Staci Andrews    Arroyo Grande    Senior
1993    Staci Andrews    Arroyo Grande    Junior
1992    Sara Pierce    Morro Bay        Senior
1991    Sara Pierce    Morro Bay        Junior
1990    Jennifer Myers    Morro Bay        Senior
1989    Angela West    Morro Bay        Senior
1988    Heather Norman    Arroyo Grande    Senior
1987    Shelley Hoban    Atascadero    Senior
1986    Laurel Runels    Arroyo Grande    Senior
    Soti Brazel        Atascadero    Senior
1985    Kim Crawford    San Luis Obispo    Senior
1984    Kim Crawford    San Luis Obispo    Junior
1983    Sherrie Atteberry    Atascadero    Senior
1982    Cathy Arias    Paso Robles    Senior
1981    Aleta Sandri    Atascadero    Senior

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