Letter to the Editor

Planetary parity

AtascaderoMarch 27, 2014 

The recent letter concerning events in Russia and lack of public comment (March 25) was interesting to me. Unlike most political pundits and politicians, I choose to keep my opinion to myself. Those who have a soapbox to stand on and express their opinions (including calling our president’s policy feckless) concerning United States-Russian relations could do more harm than good.

The situation in Ukraine could be compared to a game of chess: Every move has consequences. “Embarrassed hypocrisy,” if that is what is going on, may be all that saves us from the next cold war. Our president has acknowledged that all nations share in the belief of their own national exceptionalism. Forcing American idealism on nations that will not accept it cannot continue in the 21st Century.

Forced American exceptionalism is part of our embarrassment and hypocrisy. It is time for planetary parity; all the nations of the world have a common purpose and should be working together to achieve it. The sins of the past should be forgiven; all effort should be directed to harmony before world calamity forces cooperation.

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