Letter to the Editor

Go, Greybots!

March 27, 2014 

Nearly 3,000 high school teams from around the world will compete in April at FIRST Robotic Competitions, and the Atascadero Greybots will be one of the 400 teams which will be participating at the World Championship in St. Louis in April.

The Greybots earned this honor by winning a recent regional competition and is representing our community at the championship for the fourth time in four years (the team was World Champ in 2011).

The Greybots currently have six Cal Poly student mentors who are practicing their school’s philosophy of learning by doing. It is a shame that Cal Poly has not financially supported local robotics teams for many years.

While we are all proud of the basketball team for going to March Madness, I can guarantee you they did not have to raise money by having bake sales. The Greybots’ championship expenses include $5,000 registration, airplane transportation and lodging and shipping expenses for a total of $25,000. Let’s not just give lip service to STEM, but really support a program like the robotics competitions which gets students excited about these fields. Learn more at http://www.greybots.com.  

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