Letter to the Editor

The mayor’s agenda

Morro BayMarch 27, 2014 

Watching Channel 20 on Morro Bay City Council nights has been my hobby. Every once in a while I will go and listen in person. It is important to pay attention to what our government officials are doing to our city.

So imagine my surprise when I read Glenn Silloway’s letter (March 23) that until Jamie Irons, none of the mayors or City Council members have been transparent. Either Mr. Silloway has not watched the other mayors and City Council members, or he chooses to hear what he wants to hear. I have always known what was happening with the leases on the Embarcadero, and we have had more workshops in this town then is necessary.

I did not vote for Jamie Irons the first time and I will not vote for him a second time. He clearly has an agenda, and it is one I cannot vote for. Carla Wixom understands we need new businesses and jobs in Morro Bay, not more regulations and taxes.

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