Letter to the Editor

Deserved honors

Arroyo GrandeMarch 26, 2014 

I just wanted to say a couple of words to the 24 men who had their Distinguished Service Cross medals upgraded to the Medal of Honor: Thank you.

I was disappointed that it took a politician to correct our country’s mistake of not rewarding you with the highest honor we give our men and women in uniform just because of your ethnicity. Your courage showed no restrictions because of color or ethnicity; apparently the Pentagon’s did. In my opinion, a few words of apology from a “man in uniform” would have gone a long way, and I can earnestly say “we are only men and we make mistakes.”

You showed up when our country asked for help. I know you didn’t look for this, but your unselfish bravery saved the lives of others. Others who are now given the time to enjoy their loved ones. I hope our country rectifies its mistakes by accommodating you or the family you left behind with all the entitlements associated with this great honor. Let these honors be retroactive to the date you should have received the Medal of Honor.

You deserve it.

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