Letter to the Editor

Extraordinary effort

TempletonMarch 26, 2014 

I admit that as a woman who graduated from Cal Poly all the way back in 1991, I haven’t routinely followed Poly’s various sports since then. However, after hearing about the Mustangs’ win March 19, I woke up March 21 with the excitement of a kid in a candy store, a kid on Christmas, a kid on her first day of summer vacation. (You get the gist of it.)

At 4:10 p.m., I grabbed a beer, sat on my couch and loudly cheered and whooped for the Cal Poly men’s basketball team. At first I felt a little foolish as I sat there, fist pumping in the air, eyes blurred by sentimental tears (making my daughter roll her eyes at me, scaring the cats), but I stopped caring about the spectacle I was making as I welcomed the pride that consumed me. I was (and am) unbelievably thrilled for those young men, and it is with much respect and admiration that I tell them that their showing was nothing less than extraordinary.

Go Mustangs!

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