Letter to the Editor

Power generation

Arroyo GrandeMarch 26, 2014 

Cal Poly recently hosted a movie entitled “Pandora’s Promise,” which described the evolution of militant environmentalists toward accepting nuclear power as the main source of power for the future.

The first third of the movie examined all the issues posed by the nuclear power industry and that it should be avoided at all costs. In the final two=thirds of the movie, it appeared that these militant environmentalists had an epiphany and realized that after thoroughly reviewing all the options for the future finally concluded that nuclear power was the way forward for the planet.

Their analysis should not be taken lightly, since they took the time to visit both the Fukushima plant and the Chernobyl plant and still came to the same conclusion.

There is similar opposition to not only the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, but any other sources of energy here in San Luis Obispo County, so I encourage those in that section of the community to view the movie and engage in the debate.

I know that many consider power generation to be incompatible with our rural lifestyle here, but we are not going to sustain or even improve our lifestyles with the “soft” alternatives: namely, solar and wind.

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