Letter to the Editor

Put in plain view

San Luis ObispoMarch 26, 2014 

I’m a fan of The Tribune and the people who read everything. I remember you had a subscriber a while back who urged people to read more than the cover stories, and I certainly agree.

In the Feb. 16 issue, I found “Protection sought on monarch butterfly” hidden away. It clearly stated planting of genetically modified, herbicide-resistant corn and soybean, especially in the United States has grown dramatically. Insecticides then destroy all other plant life, including the milkweed — the only plant eaten by monarch caterpillars.

And then on the March 14 Voices page, you carried “America’s unhealthy industrialized meat market.” Great and truthful article advising how unsafe our food has become — it’s almost eat-at-your-own-risk.

I wish you could put all of these articles regarding our health and that of our planet in plain view so more people would take notice. Truthfully, I am very grateful you publish them.

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