Letter to the Editor

Drought mitigation

CambriaMarch 24, 2014 

Cambrians are rationing water based on community service district requirements. Extra surcharges, fines and property assessments can be recycled toward water supply enhancement. “Drought” mitigations exist.

Expand the rebate program for all new water saving appliances, including storage tank and catchbasin recycling for nondrinking purposes. One example is replacing home reverse osmosis units discharging three to five gallons of water for every treated gallon, or modify to recycle discharge water.

One community “drought” mitigation sequence is:

1. Use existing treated waste water.

2. Reverse osmosis.

3. Recycle (Orange County recycles to its aquifer instead of “storage” or creeks).

Finally, North America Weather Consultants Inc. has been performing “cloud seeding” for Santa Barbara County since 1981.

This author forwarded reports to CCSD directors.

Precipitation was increased by 21 percent to 22 percent.

The annual cost was shared on a 50/50 basis between the county and water suppliers. Cost per capita was minimized. The seeding cost (dollars per cubic meter) was less expensive than — in descending order — desalination, state water, and pumping ground water.

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