Letter to the Editor

Drive-through OK

Los OsosMarch 24, 2014 

As a Los Osos resident, I would like to ask why Commissioner Irving, who represents Atascadero, is concerning himself with Los Osos. We do not go over to his town and try to influence their decisions.

At first, I also wondered if the drive-through capacity of our potential Mc-Donald’s would be tacky and cause traffic congestion . However, Taco Bell’s drive-through on North Main Street in Morro Bay never causes any congestion, and that line is pretty full during lunch. I always go there when in the neighborhood so I won’t have to get out of the car — which is hard for me. I’ll bet there are lots of people in Los Osos who are in the same boat, since there are many retired folk.

Just because San Luis Obispo government is too hoity-toity to allow drivethroughs doesn’t mean the citizens feel the same. Ditto for Los Osos. If it would earn more money, why not? Since it is located in a shopping center, it would also probably bring more business to the other stores, too.

Let’s stop trying to hamstring businesses. They provide money and jobs for the community, which is good, isn’t it?

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