Letter to the Editor

Hurray, sewer workers

Los OsosMarch 24, 2014 

Kudos to all! Judy Salamacha’s March 17 column entitled “A tip of the ol’ cap to construction crews” was a delight to read. With all the bad and disturbing news bombarding us daily, this was the bright spot of my day.

The sewer construction workers have worked hard and have been extraordinarily helpful. This phase of the project is about finished, and the workers will be returning to their home communities, leaving ours. They’ve been great.

I was delighted to read Celebrate Los Osos, our local “do-good” nonprofit volunteer organization, is giving a big thank you party to tell the workers how much Los Osos appreciates the work they’ve done.

Whether people were in favor of or against the sewer in the beginning, it is a fait accompli and the workers deserve to be praised for their accomplishment.

What a nice and thoughtful idea. Thank you Celebrate Los Osos, it’s nice to be a real community again.

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