Letter to the Editor

Dow deserves to be DA

Arroyo GrandeMarch 24, 2014 

There are two very competent attorneys who will be competing for the office of county district attorney in a countywide election Tuesday, June 3. Both are committed to upholding the county’s tradition of hard-nosed law enforcement that has lead to a local saying “commit crime; serve time.”

I have followed the Dan Dow campaign now for three months and I have asked my self “Why is it that Dan Dow has the overwhelming and enthusiastic support of his colleagues in the District Attorney’s Office and why does he get similar endorsements from the law enforcement agencies that are partners in local crime fighting?”

Watching Dow I can now say that I can see how he gets his support. He is a great guy who has the humility to see and acknowledge contributions of others in his field. He also has the vision to see new, innovative and proactive strategies for succeeding at the job of district attorney.

Vote for Dan Dow. I will.

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