Poly’s ‘real’ history

Class of 1964 and ’69 Former Cal Poly rose float chairman and administrator at Cal Poly PomonaMarch 24, 2014 

I was somewhat disappointed by reading your choice of the term “real” as opposed to “original” in the March 21 headline, “THE REAL CAL POLY STANDS UP IN SLO.”

It is apparent to me as well as to the other 500 plus Cal Poly Pomona alumni living in the San Luis Obispo County area that the article’s writer, Nick Wilson, and those he interviewed have very little knowledge as to the wonderful and rich heritage that both Cal Polys share.

The confusion by the media as to “which” Cal Poly campus is in question is not new and goes back at least 75 years when the southern branch of Cal Poly Pomona came into existence via a most generous gift by the Voorhis family of their former 157 acre Voorhis School for Boys, located on the outskirts of San Dimas, Calif.

Today the Cal Poly Pomona campus resides on yet another wonderful gift of property made in 1949 by the former cereal king W. K. Kellogg when he donated his world famous Arabian horse ranch on the western edge of Pomona for the expansion of the southern Cal Poly Pomona campus. I suggest those in question might stop off at the Robert E. Kennedy Library and bone up on the “real” Cal Poly history.

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