Letter to the Editor

Dwindling industry

Santa MariaMarch 24, 2014 

The editorial in the March 12 Tribune ponders why Tesla apparently decided to build a battery factory in a state other than California. It also notes that between 2001 and 2011, California lost one-third of its industrial base. I conclude there is a reason industrial firms, especially manufacturing firms, are leaving.

Some of the reasons seem obvious, and the most likely reason would be environmental restrictions in California. Can anyone conceive of a factory opening in California to manufacture batteries?

Battery manufacturing is a dirty industry in the minds of environmentalists. They would stall the construction of such a facility for years. And if the factory somehow managed to finally open, they would picket it and discourage anyone from entering the facility.

Until or unless California shows solid interest in attracting and retaining manufacturers, the odds of a new manufacturing firm opening in the state are less than the odds of a meteor hitting Sacramento, and the odds of a major manufacturer staying in the state are not much better.

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