Letter to the Editor

Business as usual

San Luis ObispoMarch 21, 2014 

The Tribune recently ran a story about REC Solar — a homegrown company, with about 200 employees locally, that recently made changes to its business plan.

The article made it sound like we stopped doing residential work, but the fact is, the majority of the company is still here, and we are in the same business with the same installers, project planners, engineers and the rest of us. The people who do very large projects have always been across the street, and they will continue the proud name. The majority of us merged with a partner we have worked with for several years. Their name (SunRun) is known countrywide, so we will be assuming their name. No money changed hands in the merger.

The article made it sound like we packed up and moved, and that is not true. We will continue to serve our community and hire local employees and Cal Poly students, as we have for 17 years.

Solar continues to evolve, and change is the only thing that guarantees survival and growth. For 100 or so people in our office, it is business as usual; same building, same deliveries and the same food truck.

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