Letter to the Editor

Improve campground

San Luis ObispoMarch 21, 2014 

We just got back from camping at beautiful Santa Margarita Lake. While we were there, we noticed the marked difference between that campground and Lopez Lake. I asked a ranger why the county puts more money into improvements at Lopez. He very patiently (and never critically of the county) explained that Lopez is in its own district and because they take in more money there, they have more to spend.

Why is it that, with the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, cities and counties have had to spend tons of money replacing existing restrooms for the disabled, but this wonderful park has only two portable outhouses for about 20 campsites, and one faucet?

I’m not asking for flush toilets and hot showers, like Lopez has — just a decent amount of those prefab pit toilets you see in federal campsites. I’m not aiming high here, but a guy’s gotta dream. Install some hookup sites and charge more for them, repair the dump station and charge for it, create a revenue stream with improvements. I would be willing to volunteer my labor to help.

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