Letter to the Editor

Not believing it

Morro BayMarch 21, 2014 

I believe that evolution is just a theory, not a scientific fact. And I really don’t believe in the many zeroes that scientists have placed on the Earth’s age either, nor, how we as a planet, will be destroyed by our own sun 7 billion years from now and that after becoming a red giant, the sun becomes, then, a white dwarf in our universe.

However, I do believe in global warming and what it is doing to our climate in the near future (I operate a weather station as a hobby and service). That is a sure fact because of our dominance on gasoline from fossil fuels created by dinosaurs many years ago.

I do not believe there is any real proof of Darwin’s theory of evolution, proving that we came from apes, or from single-cell organisms, either. Everything that is anything has come from a designer. To believe it just “happens” without a designer takes more faith on my part than I am capable of mustering . There is far more evidence on the theory of God’s creation if someone is truly willing to put forth the effort and study the testimony of the Bible.

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