Letter to the Editor

Bad voter habits

Shell BeachMarch 20, 2014 

A significant portion of the nation’s potential electorate (political party-affiliated and not) has developed the bad habit of only turning out in presidential elections. I do not believe these voters are stupid, but I do believe that they are not fully engaged politically and perhaps do not want to be bothered, or do not believe they can effect change and/or shape policy.

This state of affairs has allowed oligarchs and special-interest groups to slowly buy our democracy, first at the state level and then at the federal level. Many of the draconian laws passed by many state legislatures around the country in recent years are the result of this reality.

We certainly cannot force people to turn out to vote (we are not Australia). All I have to say to these voters is: If you do not participate in shaping the future of your country , somebody will shape that future for you, and it might not be the future you want. Amen?

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