Letter to the Editor

Do we need it?

Los OsosMarch 19, 2014 

Does Los Osos really need a McDonald’s? Los Osos is a unique place, and one thing that makes it so unique is the lack of chain venues.

A McDonald’s would not only impact the value of our town, but also would increase traffic in an already congested parking lot. Children would be running through and could be hurt by an unsuspecting driver. Many of our residents are older and do not have the reflexes they once did. A drive-through would increase congestion on Los Osos Valley Road by those patrons who want to turn left without a traffic signal.

Do we really need to make the kind of food that McDonald’s serves readily available to an already-overweight society? What impact would it have on existing restaurants in the area? What impact would it have on already-scarce water resources? If residents and visitors really need McDonald’s, they can just drive less than five miles to Morro Bay.

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