Letter to the Editor

Ugly ‘push polls’

Arroyo GrandeMarch 19, 2014 

As co-founder of the SLO County Citizens Clean Campaign Coalition of 1996-98, I am familiar with “push polls” and feel strongly there is no place for them in our county.

Voters should be aware of the use of ugly “push polls” used by desperate candidates. These polls, conducted by phone, are used to insinuate untruthful information about an opponent. A question is inserted into an otherwise normal sounding “poll” to put negative thoughts into the head of voters about an opponent by asking a question: “If you knew that John did not graduate from high school would you vote for him?” It does not say he did not graduate, but it puts the thought into your head.

When two members of one party are candidates for the same position, a poll question could be used to insinuate an opponent is a member of an opposite party.

What you should be thinking if you are the victim of a “push poll” is that the candidate who put out the “push poll” is the individual you should have negative thoughts about. It speaks volumes about integrity.

San Luis Obispo County voters deserve better than to be manipulated by “push polls.”

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