Letter to the Editor

Fracking forum?

Pismo BeachMarch 19, 2014 

The oil companies have done their homework and their technology has greatly improved in every way. They bring their own water and fix any damage to the roads or anything else.

They do not contaminate the potable water because they frack below 6,000 feet — even so, they place concrete around the hole to protect the fresh water.

They do consider health, environment and safety. They revive our economy tremendously through taxes, donations and jobs, and enable us to pay many costly welfare programs, roads, parks, schools, etc. We shouldn’t have to tax our businesses out of business.

Instead of all the misinformation and fear about this industry, it would be wise for the county to provide a forum for the Western States Petroleum Association to present proper balance and accurate information.

Go to http://www.wspa.org for more.

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