Letter to the Editor

All responsible

CambriaMarch 17, 2014 

OK, this may seem petty, but I believe it is part of a bigger problem. The picture on the back page of the Local section Friday shows a house being demolished. It also shows a young boy, 9, throwing a rock at the window to “help” as the comment says. How sad is it that this seems OK with many? Not only is it sad to think that houses are being torn down that are part of someone’s history, but also that this child does not have a parent or person to help him see that.

Instead, it just hit me as unfeeling and almost violent. I have a son who is 22 years old now, and I understand people will say “boys will be boys,” but that does not have to be. Mine has a huge, empathetic heart that I am so proud of. We are all responsible for this world, and I am hoping that after he threw the rock some kind soul helped him to see the sadness in it. I take it back; this is not petty.

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