Letter to the Editor

Time to adjust is now

San Luis ObispoMarch 17, 2014 

We have been building and developing and consuming like there’s no tomorrow. Well, sorry to tell you folks, but “tomorrow” is now here. The handwriting on the wall has turned into neon lettering.

Our most valuable resource — water — can no longer be taken for granted. We must adjust our lifestyle and our expectations of endless growth. They were never realistic anyway. Now they are downright stupid.

We are rapidly destroying both the very cradle of life on Earth — the oceans — and at the same time dangerously depleting the freshwater on land, which that life (including ours) depends on.

We must start husbanding our water supplies, drastically curtailing our water use, and stop assuming that nature will always step in to save us from our profligacy. Nature is now clearly demonstrating here in California, as well as in Australia, Brazil, Israel and North Africa, that it is getting very impatient with us.

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